Creating a Personalized Notebook Christmas Present with Plumb

This year I'm all about personalized Christmas presents. I think because it's my daughters first Holiday season I want to commemorate it in a special way and personalization is a really great way to do that. So when I received a few of the beautiful notebooks from Plumb it gave me the perfect idea for an easy DIY that will be a super special gift for any parent or grandparent. I used their stack book, which conveniently has a little window cut out on the first page, perfect for this project. But you can easily create a window like this in any good quality notebook. Like I did with the Plumb Spiral Journal. Directions below.

Photos or some other imagery
x-acto knife (or scissors)

1. Print your photos or other imagery.
2. Cut out the photos with the x-acto knife (or scissors).
3. Measure out the window on first page of notebook, based on how large your image is. (give at least a 1/4 inch margin on all sides of image).
4. Cut out window with x-acto knife (or scissors).
5. Measure where the image will go on the 2nd page.
6. Glue image to 2nd page.
7. Ta Da! You have yourself a beautiful, personal and affordable gift.

Thank you to Plumb for sponsoring this post.

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