Pintastic People: Beth Kirby

I've been an avid fan of Beth Kirby's pinterest boards for some time now, not to mention her endlessely inspiring, cooking blog, Local Milk. So I of course I thought she would be the perfect fit to feature as one of my Pintastic People. After introducing myself over email to this Tennessee native I became even more enamored. Her love for food and photography was clear even over email and I loved receiving her prose-like answers to my questions about what inspires her and how she got started blogging. 

Then last week I was delighted and shocked to find out that Beth is one of the contestants on this years Master Chef, airing now! Those who know me well, know that I'm a little bit of a reality show junkie, specifically cooking shows, and have seen every episode of Master Chef. So while I didn't get a chance to ask Beth about her experience in this interview, I will definitely be watching and rooting for her and can't wait to see the dishes she comes up with on the show.

How did you get started on Pinterest?
I got started on Pinterest because I was teaching myself food photography, and I found it to be a great resource for amassing & studying the work of stylists and photographers that I admired as well as a great way to collect recipes. It evolved into a place to catalog inspiration in other areas that I'm passionate about like interior design & fashion as well as a great way to share my work & the work of artists I admire.

What are 3 of your favorite pins from this week?
Just three! So hard. I'm a...prolific pinner to put it nicely. These are three favorites because not only are they beautiful but they link to great content.
1. Coconut Dream Cake by Caitlin of Roost  //  2. This beautiful table setting from the Portugal Kinfolk Flower Workshop by De Alma e Coração + Little Upside Down Cake  //  3. Lastly, classic jeans from Rollas Denim. I would kill for a pair of these. If only I could figure out how to get my paws on them! 

You also have your beautiful blog Local Milk, how did you get started with blogging?
I've been writing since I could hold a pencil, and I've had some sort of website ever since I discovered the internet around age 12...the first one was a Star Wars fan page! I actually used to be a fashion blogger in what seems like another life, but in the end cooking & being behind the lens instead of in front of it was my real passion. I've actually had three half hearted food blogs before this one. The short version of the long true story is that I got sober two years ago, and it was then that I was finally able to take my passion for food, writing, photography and turn what had previously just been day dreams into actual work. When I decided to make a career out of it a little over a year ago, I found the direction & motivation to really pour everything I have into it, and that's when Local Milk was born.

What is your favorite part about creating and sharing content with your readers?
My favorite part of creating and sharing content with my readers is the mutual inspiration, encouragement, and honesty. Blogging has been a shockingly positive experience, and I have the best readers in the world! It's incredibly satisfying to share your art & get actual feedback from your audience, to build a relationship with them. The real goal of it all is to find beauty in everyday life, and my hope is that my work serves as a catalyst for slow living in a fast world and being honest about our struggles so that we all feel a little less insane, a little less alone. If I can inspire someone to pick up a camera, plant some herbs (even though I kind of killed my own...), visit their local farmer's market, or bake bread from scratch, then I couldn't ask for more!

What are a few of your favorite sites to find inspiration for your blog and pinterest?
I get inspiration from so many amazing websites, and I have a list (albeit not exhaustive) of some of my favorite places to get inspiration here Some of my current favorites are Rebekka Seal, Little Upside Down Cake, Forty-sixth at Grace, Manger, Happyolks, The Vanilla Bean Blog, Olivia Rae James, A Daily Something, Luisa Brimble, {farmette}, and La Buena Vida.

photo by Beth Kirby

You have spent much of your life and currently reside in Tennessee, what do you love about your home state?
I love the heart of Tennessee, the literary quality, the soul food & amazing produce, the old time music, the history. Most of all I love the mountains, and how I can drive not but ten minutes and be a country side that time forgot, a disappearing landscape. The south is both bright and dark, a chiaroscuro kind of place, and that serves as infinite inspiration for my work. Also, like it or not home is part of who you are, and by knowing Tennessee I better know myself, my roots. I'm all tangled up in the poplar trees.

And what are some of your favorite local haunts?
My favorite local haunts are the Main St. Farmer's Market where you can find me almost every Wednesday I'm in town, Mean Mug coffee shop (the best iced coffee), Link41 for local cured meats & sausages, Niedlov's bakery, The Purple Daisy for a BBQ sandwich, Lamar's Lounge for the best fried chicken on the face of the earth (no joke), and Taco Jalisco for real deal street style tacos & local Pure Soda Works sodas.

What do you do when not pinning or blogging?
I like to spend my time cooking, reading, taking photos, travelling the world (though I especially love road trips right here in Tennessee), combing farmer's markets & flea markets, and hanging out with my best friend & the love of my life, Patrick, watching films and sharing a bag of gummy bears in bed!

Last but not least who are a few of your favorite pinners?
I have a ton of favorites. But right now I'm loving Rebecca Gallop, Nicole Franzen, Izy Hossack, andie B, ani, Sanda Vuckovic Pagaimo, and collette. And you!


  1. I love Beth's work so happy to see her here!

  2. Brilliant interview....LOVE Beth and her pins...always inspiring. {and thanks Beth for the mention here!} x

  3. Thanks Imen, I agree, Beth is super inspiring! As is your blog! There are so many great, really beautiful food blogs these days, I love it.

  4. Love Beth's work and it was nice to find some more things about her

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