New Rue + Rue Cooks Feature

Hooray! Today is the launch of Rue's first ever Pacific Northwest issue. The day an issue launches is always an rewarding one but this time I'm extra excited because I got to team up with the amazing Eva Kolenko on our Rue Cooks feature this month. Below are a few outtakes from our fun day making bagels and lox. Make sure to read the issue to see the whole story and get the recipe.


  1. so.. you made these at home!!!! :) looks lovely!

  2. Yes! I've been going through a bagel making phase lately :) I'm getting pretty good.

  3. It is beautiful works of art like your bagel and lox platter that make me wish I could reconfigure my DNA and not be allergic to wheat! The bagels look fabulous, and the colors on the lox plate are so brilliant. Hmmmm..Maybe a moment of weakness, or a cheat day that I won't regret could get me more closely acquainted with these bad boys?

  4. Thanks Dervla!

  5. I'm sorry Eileen, a wheat allergy is the worst, both my sister and mom suffer from it and they always are lusting after bagels, pizza and other wheat centric dishes. I can't even imagine! I'll try to post some wheat free dishes soon.

  6. Karla @ Color and SpiceMay 17, 2013 at 7:39 AM

    just found your blog - i love it! good images.

    will be coming back often :)

  7. Thanks Karla! I'm glad you are enjoying the blog :)


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