Smitten List: Backpack Edition

The Smitten List time! a weekly roundup of my latest objects of desire. Recently a friend of mine who is attending grad school in the Fall was lamenting the fact that she couldn't find a more grown-up version of her backpack for lugging around her school supplies. And she asked if I had any suggestions. Below are my favorite, très chic finds (links below images).

1. Wax Coated Canvas Backpack | Will Leather Goods  //  2. The Transport Rucksack | Madewell //  3. Rockland Backpack | Need Supply  //  4. Legacy Backpack | J.W. Hulme Co.  //  5. Ted Baker Backpack | Asos  //  6. Viva Backpack | Tory Burch


  1. I'm a bit smitten with backpacks too. They make the best diaper bags, and you can stay stylish as well, ha.


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