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Ez Pudewa is the creative mind behind the blog Creature Comforts where she shares inspiration, advice and "the little things that make life sweet". Looking at her beautiful blog it's no wonder she also has one of the most inspiring pinterest accounts. With boards focused on color and DIY and food, the image orgy is endless. Which is why I was so psyched to get a chance to ask her a couple questions about blogging, pinterest and how she got started in this online world.

How did you get started on pinterest?
I found out about Pinterest a short time after Victoria (sfgirlbybay) shared it on her blog. I immediately loved the idea of having a place to store and share visual inspiration in a community environment. It was such a refreshing concept after spending years using clunky file folders on my computer and other less-than-adequate bookmarking sites.

You also have your successful blog Creature Comforts, how does pinterest effect your blogging? I love using Pinterest both as a source of inspiration for the posts I write, as well as a place to explore what is resonating well with users (I can see this reflected in the content that is pinned from my blog to Pinterest). It doesn't always determine what I post on my own site, but it is certainly a great help along the way.

What are 3 of your favorite pins from this week?
Smore's Macarons  //  The Struggle is Part of the Story  //  Modern Polaroids.

What are a few of your favorite sites to find source material for your blog and pinterest?
I spend a lot of time on Society6 (where I also have a print shop), on Instagram (just for wonderful everyday inspiration), and etsy (for great handmade goods and vintage finds).

Your blog, Creature Comforts is such a beautiful place filled with DIY's, personal thoughts, color inspiration and more, how did you first come up with the idea for your blog?
Thanks! Truthfully I didn't fully understand the concept of what a blog was until after a free trial offer sucked me in (that was 6+ years ago). At first my blog was just a place for me to write thoughts on daily life and share my passion for handmade goods. I definitely didn't have a clear goal or theme in mind (blogging as a profession wasn't even something that I knew existed yet). So in the beginning I had just a few loyal readers and then gradually as I found more focus with what I was sharing, more and more people started to read what I was posting. So awesome! Today and every day I feel endlessly lucky to call myself a blogger!

You've been blogging for quite some time now, what are some of the most rewarding aspects of blogging for you?
By far, the most rewarding aspect of blogging is the community it fosters. From the amazing readers who inspire and motivate me, to my fellow bloggers who I feel so lucky to work amongst…there is really nothing else like it! Secondarily, one of the biggest assets of blogging professionally is having the ability to set my own schedule. Of course this isn't always easy, since it means that I have to fight the urge to be lazy and sit around in sweats on some days, and it can get pretty quiet with no co-workers to chat with. But it's because of blogging that I've been able to provide for my daughter in a way that I would not have otherwise been able to, and have met some of the most incredible people who I am now proud to call friends.

This summer you helped instigate the inspiring "Things I'm Afraid to Tell You" posts that swept the blogosphere, can you tell me a little more about this series and why you felt it was so important?
I was inspired by Jess Lively (author of the original TIATTY post) and mentioned her post in passing on my blog. I never expected that one link to generate so much interest, but through social media the idea caught on like wildfire. Within hours, a huge group of bloggers had committed to post on their own blogs, something that they were previously too afraid to share with their readers. The results were amazing, moving, and beautiful! I believe the indication from the outpouring of support shown for the brave bloggers who shared their TIATTY posts, is that there is a true desire these days for connection to more than just a pretty picture. I personally believe that anything is made more beautiful when you can see what lies beneath it. For me, "Things I'm Afraid to Tell You" was a way to peel back the layers and be a bit more vulnerable and authentic with the blogging community that I love so much. It's something that moving forward I will continue to push myself to do. That one post and other similar posts I've shared have truly deepened the relationship I have with my readers, and I'm so humbled by and grateful for it all!

What do you do when not pinning or blogging?
I hang out with my daughter and our two goofy dogs, take photos, draw, and I love to gluten-free make desserts! Yum!

Do you have any hidden talents that you'd be willing to share?
Gosh…well, I can play the piano by ear (but can't read a note of music to save my life). Does that count?

Last but not least who are a few of your favorite pinners?
I have so many (I actually have a series on my blog called Pinterest Pros where I share my weekly faves), but for today my favorites are: The Gilded Lobster | Caro Chase | Julia Suter 


  1. Love her blog and she's one of my favourites on Pinterest! Inspiring interview, thanks for sharing!

  2. Love Creature Comforts. Love your blog, too Maia!

  3. Thanks Olga, you're too sweet :)


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