DIY: Stamped Wrapping Paper

I really got into making my own hand-stamped wrapping paper this year and I’m so excited about the outcome so I thought I would share here. For this DIY you have 2 options, one is simpler and the other a little more complex, so you can decide which you have the energy to take on. For the more complex version I designed my own stamp and hand-carved it out of a linoleum block, so it's a little more time consuming. For the easier version I bought a stamp that I loved, or you could use stamps you might already have lying around the house.

Roll of plain wrapping paper (try to find a paper that is thin enough for good wrapping but sturdy enough to take the ink and not tear when worked with. Another option is to use older wrapping paper you don't care for and print on the backside. 
Linoleum block
Carving tools
Paint roller
Block Printing Ink

Store Bought Stamp

*Pretty ribbon or twine for wrapping

1. Choose a solid color paper.
2. If making your own stamp, design or find a stamp design you love and print it.
3. Transfer design to Linoleum block
4. Carve out design.
5. Roll out ink and apply to stamp.
6. Stamp paper with design (I eye-balled it because I like a more organic look, but feel free to measure out a grid for a more exact look.
7. Let dry and then wrap up your presents!

Store bought Stamp version below.


  1. I always think I'll do something crafty like this ... but then I just purchase a roll of wrapping paper at Walgreens! Love how it looks, though!

  2. I saw recently a great alternative to lino stamping...Lino stamping always leaves areas of poor ink coverage, which, depending on your use, matters a lot to a little. Y'know that foam board that comes in 8 1/2 x 11 sheets that you can get at all fabric stores? You can cut that into whatever shape you want, glue it to a block o' wood and use stamp pad ink to get a great coverage (ink-wise) stamp with less hassle. You could easily use other ink too. Something I've been interested to try on my walls, 'cause large stencils get wavy and with lino blocks you can't press on the opposite side of the wall to get the right impression print. Y'know?

  3. Oooh, good idea, I've been experimenting a lot lately with homemade printing on different surfaces, so I'll have to try this :)


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