Gift Guide: Artwork

For this holiday gift guide installment, I thought I would pick some of my favorite artwork. Art can be a very special gift that the recipient will cherish for years. Some of my favorite pieces are the ones that were gifted to me because they will always be tied to that special moment when I received them. Below, see some of my favorites from

1. Vogue - January 1953 by Rawlings
2. Forever & Ever by Ashkahn
4. Audubon: Hummingbird by John James Audubon
5. Book by Philip Guston
6. Etude De George Dyer by Francis Bacon
7. Do Not Disturb! by Yoshitomo Nara
8. NY 1039 by Jennifer Sanchez
9. Pomegranate Wallpaper Design by William Morris

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  1. The Artist's Wife is my favorite. Art is such a personal but wonderful gift.

  2. I totally agree! One of my favorite gifts of all time was a print my mom gave me for Christmas a couple years ago. It depicted 3 girls, and for me with 2 sisters, it's always held special meaning :)

  3. I think I would struggle to have a Bacon on my wall but I do agree about art being special. It doesn't clutter and take up space and is more meaningful and longlasting than some 'thing' and romantic too, looking to the future.


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