Guest Post: Something Blue with Erin Hiemstra

Hi Friends, Erin from Apartment 34 here. Since Maia is off joining the ranks of the blissfully wedded, I thought I'd share a little nuptial inspired round up with you. You know the rhyme, something old, something new, something borrowed...

bag, sandal, blazer, quote, ring, scarf

I couldn't resist throwing a little marriage advice in there as well - I'm so excited to welcome Maia to the old married ladies club!

Three cheers to the happy couple


  1. Can't track down the sources...? So you just copied from other bloggers or off pinterest? Lazy.

  2. My apologies I forgot to include the item sources when I published the post, I have been a little preoccupied lately. I have included them now.
    Also please don't be rude to my guest posters, they have taken time out of their super busy schedules to help me out while I'm getting married. And I can not thank them enough for the amazing posts they have provided for me and my readers.


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