Guest Post: Jennifer Chong's Trip to Southeast Asia

hi friends of conundrum! this is jennifer from jchong studio so glad to be with you all while maia is getting ready to tie the knot! maia and travis are considering southeast asia as their honeymoon destination so i thought it would be fitting to share some of my favorite photos from my trip there.

two things most people know about me is 1. i love food and 2. im always traveling. i love exploring new places and cultures i am always fascinated by what i learn. i took some time off and traveld to thailand, laos and vietnam a few years ago and absolutely fell in love. i usually don't make 'repeat' trips because my goal is to travel to a new place every year but southeast asia is one of those places i'd always be happy to go back to. i hope these images inspire you all to travel there one day!

Images: 1. Chiang Mai, Thailand 2. Chiang Mai, Thailand 3. Halong Bay, Vietnam 4. Sapa, Vietnam 5. Luang Prabang, Laos


  1. I'm taking a bunch of Asian art courses at the moment and keep seeing wonderful pictures like yours that wet my travel appetite. So many wonderful places to go to and so little time! If you were to pick one or two countries in South East Asia to go to where would you choose?

  2. hi florence! the northern part of vietnam can't be missed i highly recommend a private "junk" aka boat in halong bay and visiting sapa - sapa is very touristy but the sites are really incredible. luang prabang, laos was also one of my favorites.

  3. Googled Sapa and junk and both look incredible, thanks for the recommendations! Those amazing orange sales look like something out of a fantasy novel, like the boat is going to spontaneously take flight and whisk you off into space. Just have to save up the pennies now...


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