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Todays pintastic people features none other then the super amazing Jonathan Lo of J3 Productions and Happy Mundane. I got to meet Jonathan at the beginning of this year and he was easily the most stylish gent in the room. That eye for design and sense of style extends to everything he does, including his pinterest boards. I especially love his Personal Stylin board for the best collection of mens style, as well as his Home Goods board. But honestly I suggest following all, since everything he pins is top notch. Below Jonathan shares a little bit with me about why he loves pinterest, finding inspiration and why he's so stylish.

Photo by Mark April

How did you get started on pinterest?
I remember seeing all the "pin it forward" posts on peoples blogs when Pinterest first launched. Unfortunately, I just didn't really look into it. Over the following year I kept seeing more and more people referring to it and finally decided to check out what all the fuss was about. Little did I know my mind would be blown and I'd immediately be sucked into the Pinterest visual vortex! I've been addicted ever since...

You also have your successful blog, Happy Mundane, design studio J3 Productions, and zine 'At Your Leisure', how does pinterest effect your other projects?
For J3, Pinterest has been a great resource for finding reference materials for client work and just overall inspiration. It's also been an awesome outlet to bring more attention and exposure to the zine, as well as to Happymudnane

And honestly how do you find the time?
I'm still looking for time! LOL As a person working in a creative field though, aren't we ALWAYS "working"? No but seriously, in general, Work (j3) is priority during the day, and then blogging and pinning are usually done before I go to bed, or first thing in the morning. I find it kind of cathartic to just click, pin, or repin and not really think about having to really write anything or do any more than that. However, I do also think it's just as important to make sure you spend a good amount of time "offline."

What are 3 of your favorite pins this week?

What are a few of your favorite sites to find source materiel for your blog and pinterest?
I actually get most of my blog inspirations from either things I've seen when out and about, traveling, etc... or from magazines (print is not dead!). For Pinterest sources, always has amazing recipies and I can get lost for hours on the Conde Nast Traveller site and if I could buy everything on Mr. Porter, I would!

What do you do when not pinning, or blogging?
I'm usually shopping... or eating... or sleeping, lol. My work requires me to constantly be keeping tabs on what's going on in retail and fashion, but I will confess that the reality is, I'm just a "mall rat." lol
But I do love to travel whenever I can, and I love exploring new cities and areas... oh and eating...

Many people say that Pinterest is all about the ladies, as a gent, what about it appeals to you? And do you agree when people say It's a female-centric platform?
Well, it's pretty obvious that the majority of Pinterest users are female, but the functionality of Pinterest (a way to organize and catalog things you bookmark from the web) is completely gender neutral. What's nice about Pinterest is that you're not forced to look at things you aren't interested in- you can simply "unfollow" that board or person. I'm really more interested in just the visuals so it doesn't really matter if it comes from a guy or a girl. In the end, it just needs to be what YOU like and your own curation of the people and boards that you follow. 

You are one of the most stylish men I know, where do you get your style inspiration?
Aww, shucks- thank you! I do try to keep an eye on what's happening in the world of Men's fashion, but really i my style is influenced by the fearlessness and awesomeness of many japanese and european designers, filtered with the easy relaxed lifestyle of living in Southern California. 

And what are a few of your must have items?
My iphone, laptop, and a good pair of cheapie sunglasses. 

Where is your current dream vacation destination?
I really need to go to Australia. like, now. 

Photo: Australian coast via This is Colossal

Do you have any hidden talents? if so what?
Does being able to inhale an entire pint of ice cream in one sitting count as a talent?

Why you love blogging and pinning? 
Blogging and Pinning have given me the opportunity to not only document, but also share the things I love with other people. But I think the best part has been all the new inspirations and friendships I've gained as a result. 

Who are a few of your favorite pinners?
There are so many! but here are a few pinners whose pins I am always drawn to: Suzanne Wu, Jan of Poppytalk, Michiko M, & Clodiney Cruz.


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