My Nuptials: Details

Believe it or not it's a little more then 3 weeks until the wedding!! I'm kind've freaking out with everything that still needs to get done. Right now it's really down to the details, like finalizing the flowers and the place settings and cake toppers. Below are a few images that are inspiring me as I make my final decisions. For those of you that are married, what were the final weeks like before your big day? I'd live any advice or just fun stories.

Images via pinterest


  1. Oh boy, I think I slept at 3am every night for a week leading up to my wedding just trying to get all the finishing details done! :) You're almost there, dear!

  2. Lovely images! I have to say, though, if you're considering using Chinese (sky) lanterns, please do some reading on the dangers of them. I can't post a link here for some reason but google will provide plenty of info, especially if you search "RSPCA Chinese lanterns"...
    Congrats on your upcoming wedding!

  3. disappointed to see the last post. We set off a few of these lanterns a month or so ago and they were so cool. We were on a ridge and a big open area. I can see how they might be dangerous in a closed in area or depending on what the wind is doing.

  4. Thanks for the heads up about the lanterns, I'll definitely make sure they are safe in our area before using. They are definitely really beautiful but some places are more fire prone then others.

  5. Enjoy all the manis and pedis you can. Drink mimosas. Sleep. Trust the professionals you hired to do a kick ass job! I'm sure you've done your homework. =) By the looks of the "inspiration" pics, your wedding will rock.


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