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Today I bring you my third post in a series partnering with the new This month's theme is about discovering the art you love.

I love this idea because I often feature artists on this blog. But recently, after a conversation with a friend, I found that a lot of people don't know how to find art they love and to want to display in their homes. Choosing a piece to hang on your wall, for everyone to see, can feel very personal and overwhelming, which leads many people to just leave the wall blank. I think this is a shame because choosing art can be such a fun and rewarding process!

When I walk into my living room, the first thing I see are two prints by my dear childhood friend, Sofie Arnold, and an illustration of David Bowie I bought for my fiancĂ© a couple years ago as a birthday present (he loves Bowie). For one second, I'll pause in the craziness of my life and smile while I think of what those pieces mean to me. 

That's what I love about filling your home with artwork, it can instantly transport you to a memory or a feeling, the same way food can. You can build memories around it. I remember when I was little, my parents bought a huge Georgia O'keefe print that they hung above their bed, and to this day when I see that piece, which now hangs above the mantle, I instantly feel at home.

When choosing pieces for your own home I suggest finding pieces that you have a connection to, whether because it reminds you of your childhood, or it was created by someone you know or you have a visceral reaction to it. If you're still feeling on the fence about committing to a new piece of artwork, I love the new View it in Your Room tool from You can upload a picture of your room, and then try as many pieces as you want, it's pretty cool.

Below are a few pieces that I have had a connection to at different times in my life. What are some artists or artwork you have loved or felt connected to? I'd love to hear about them.

Image links: Golden Gate Opening  //  White Flower on Red Earth No. 1 by Geogia O'keefe  //  Pleides


  1. I just followed you over here from Pinterest!! I have the exact opposite problem!! :) I LOVE art and want it all. But Art.Com is such a great resource!! Love your blog! Ill be back for more!


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