Loving Your Space

My 2nd installment in a series partnering with This month the theme is all about loving your space more. Which got me thinking about the areas in a home that often get overlooked when placing artwork, and at the top of that list are hallways. If done right, hanging artwork in your halls can extend the look and feel you have created in the rest of your home and really set the tone for your space. I especially love gallery walls in hallways like the examples below. This can also give you an opportunity to place smaller, more irreverent pieces, family photos and children's artwork. Especially in an entry way these images can be a great welcome to guests and instantly make you feel at home when you walk in the door. Below I choose a few of my favorite picks from to create the perfect hallway gallery.

Image sources: 1. via Rue Magazine 2. via The Designer Pad pieces clockwise from top left: 1. Portrait of a Beauty Combing Her Hair 2. Elephas Maximus by Susan Gillette 3. Apollo Missions Blueprint Poster 4. Pimpernell Wallpaper design by William Morris 5. Rock in Water at Coast by Mika 6. Triptych by Francis Bacon 7. Blue Button Jellyfish Print David Liittschwager

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