Pintastic People: Jennifer Chong

A new series highlighting some of my favorite pinners. I've had the opportunity to meet a few of these amazing people in person and others I've simply admired from afar. But, they all have one thing in common, they have an amazing ability for curating beautiful boards on Pinterest.

When I met Jennifer Chong at an event in LA we ended up spending the whole night chatting away like we had known each other for years. I imagine a lot of people have this experience with Jennifer, because she is so funny, smart, creative and doesn't take herself too seriously. Which is why I'm honored to be her friend. She also has some of the most amazing Pinterest boards and it looks like I'm not the only one who thinks so since she is the 2nd most followed user on Pinterest with over 2 million followers! Below she answers a few of my questions about what makes her so amazing.

(Image by Theary Meak)

How did you get started on pinterest?
I joined Pinterest when SFgirlbybay invited a few bloggers to "pin it forward"

What are 3 of your favorite pins of all time?
Of all time!? That is a tough question, how about my three favorite boards? Food Style, Travel Here, and Carry On.

(Image by Jennifer Chong)

What are some of your favorite things to pin?

What do you do when not pinning?
Enjoying a meal with some good friends or playing beach volleyball.

What was the last book your read, was it any good?
I hate to admit it but its been a while since I've been able to sit down and read. Most of the times if I am reading a book its on travel and where to go. I am currently reading a lot of travel books on Japan to prep for my trip in October.

If you could eat any dish in the world what would it be?
At this very moment? I'd love some simple street food from Southeast Asia but I'm also quite in love with desserts.

What is your dream vacation or destination?
My goal is to eventually visit all 7 continents (maybe just 6 minus Antartica) I've got 4 down – Africa and Australia are on the go-to list next!

If you could purchase any 3 dream items right now what would you pick?
Eames Molded Plastic Arm Chair. Anything from Herriott Grace. Portrait Session with Bonnie Tsang

(Image by Bonnie Tsang)

Who are a few of your favorite pinners?

Thank you Jennifer!


  1. Just saying, if i were to highlight my favorite pintastic people, i would choose you first! I love your pins!

  2. Love this new series Maia!! Great interview!

  3. Thanks for making me discover Jennifer Chong. Great interview and wonderful pictures. Love your posts!


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