Simple Eats: Classic BLT

One of my favorite quick and simple meals is just a classic BLT. Sometimes sticking to the basics yields the best results in my opinion. And really there is a reason why people don't often mess with the BLT, I mean the combination of thick cut bacon, juicy tomatoes, crisp lettuce and a smear of mayo is hard to beat. Just remember to use the best ingredients you can find so every item really sings. Mmmmm, now I'm hungry :)

Thick Cut Bacon - I like to get the peppered bacon because I like my BLT's really peppery.
Lettuce - A crunchy romaine
Tomato - A really beautiful heirloom or vine ripened tomato is best.
Mayo - A nice way to change things up is to experiment wit your mayo, try adding garlic, rooster sauce or fresh basil
Bread - I think sourdough, lightly toasted is best.
Compile and enjoy!!

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