New Everything

A little over 2 weeks ago Travis and I embarked on a new adventure literally and figuratively. We had packed up all of our belongings into 2 moving pods, got into our car and started our long drive west. I had hoped to share many pictures from our 3 day drive from Madison, WI to Oakland CA, but alas there was a minor phone mishap (lets just say someone left it on the roof of the car and it went flying off at 30 miles an hour) luckily the phone was retrieved but I couldn't use it until it was repaired so the trip went undocumented. Some of it was flat and boring, I'm thinking of you Oklahoma and Texas, while other parts of the journey were beyond spectacular, like the sunset while driving through New Mexico. And then we finally arrived in the Bay area, without any of our furniture and only a couple days until I started my new job at Williams-Sonoma, we attacked the city with gusto. Eating and exploring our way around our new neighborhood, which led to mishap #2, waking up with food poisoning on my first day of work! Other then a few minor incidents we have made a pretty smooth transition into our new home and life. 

In the next few weeks I will be trying to get back to normal posting, it might be more sporadic though since I am still getting my feet under me. I will also be trying to intersperse posts here and there about my new hometown, which I'm absolutely in love with! Along with the ups and downs of relocating, So look forward to those. 
Thanks for reading! 
*note: images below are not mine, but were found on pinterest, I hope to share some of my own photos soon.

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