My Nuptials: Rehearsal Dinner Question

I dreamt last night that I had the perfect idea for this mornings wedding post and now I can't for the life of my remember what it was. It was probably pretty bad anyway, everything seems so wonderful in dream form. So instead I thought I would conduct a little impromptu forum about rehearsal dinners. It seems the the rehearsal dinner is sometimes an afterthought but since it is the first time that many of my family members will be meeting Travis' family. I'm trying to think of something amazing but cost effective for the night before the wedding. Any helpful thoughts or interesting traditions from you married ladies out there? comment below please. image via Elizabeth Anne Designs


  1. Our families knew each other for years before we even started dating. But I think it would be great to do something that is special/fun to you and your fiance for them to join in on together. Like a dinner at your favorite restaurant (no matter if it's nice or a hole in the wall) and having a "dance party" in the parking lot afterward. Good luck! I'm sure everything will turn out perfectly :)

  2. i am so bad at planning things like this, i'm sorry i'm of no help, haha...but i'm sure it will turn out perfectly!

  3. My hubby's family hosted a potluck of sorts in lue of a traditional sit down rehearsal dinner - EVERYONE was coming in from out of town (5 different states) so it was a fantastic way to let everyone meet and just relax the night before the big day.
    I do wish we had hosted an intimate party for our attendents and close family though (originally, I'd hoped for an afternoon tea before the rehearsal) but it didn't happen due to scheduling errors!


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