Lady Love

Aw man, I couldn't resist posting this picture of one of my all time favorites, Amy Poehler. Raise your hand if you already miss Parks & Rec and her adorable relationship with my future husband Adam Scott.


  1. I love her out of control, too. Hi Maia! Congrats on getting engaged. Your invites will surely be amazing. I wish I could do it all over again, not because I would do things differently, but just because it was so fun. Such a great time in life. Relish it! Beautiful blog, adding it to my feed right now.

    PS Craig's Easy is rockin' my world ;)

  2. I met her dad while apartment hunting last summer! He was leasing out one of the apartments I was looking at. He was all "Today is a good day, my daughter just got nominated for an Emmy!" It was adorable and she looked just like him!

  3. Julie, you just made me really jealous with that adorable story, I wish I could have met him :)

  4. Oh man, you took the thoughts right out of my head. I'm already mourning the inevitable cancellation of the show next season too. Not seeing her weekly will hurt my funny bone.


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