Nuptials Scheming: D.I.Y.

Where do I start, the last week has been a whirlwind of congratulations and inspiration overload. I officially bought my first bridal magazine and wedding planning book, so... this is it, I'm down the rabbit hole and I probably wont' be returning for another 16-18 months. Although part of me has always liked to act like I don't really care about weddings, as soon as the engagement happened it's like a sleeping monster was awakened, which when I think about it is not that surprising because weddings really incorporate many of my favorite things, beautiful interiors, graphic design, photography, fashion, dancing, d.i.y. details and of course food, food, food! I think it's fair to say the most important part of this planning is going to be the meal... and not spending trillions of dollars. I find it continually shocking the amount of money you could spend on a wedding so that is why the second most important thing I'm focusing on right now is how can I make this wedding enchanting but budget conscious? So today, the first wedding post is going to be about D.I.Y. weddings. This past weekend I bought the lovely Handmade Weddings from Chronicle Books and it definitely got the wheels turning, so below are a couple favorites from the book and around the web and don't worry I'm sure this won't be my only post about D.I.Y. inspiration, I just wanted to get warmed up to blogging about this wedding. Also I would love any suggestions you guys might have or things you did at your own weddings. 

Image Source: 1. via Chronicle Books 2. via 100 Layer Cake 3. via Once Wed 4. via Chronicle Books 5. via Chronicle Books 6. via 100 Layer Cake 7. via Once Wed

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