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I have a serious book space issue in my apartment currently, which is a little ridiculous because I just bought new shelves a little less then a year ago and they are already full, so maybe I have a hoarding problem. In any case in my dream world I would have one of the beautiful spaces below to fill to the brim with all the books and magazines my heart could desire. (image links can be found at bottom of the post)

Images 1. via Delight by Design 2. via Design Milk 3. via Pinterest 4. via Apartment Therapy 5. via Design Love Fest 6. via Pinteres7. via fffffound


  1. I can't deal with #2, #6, and #7 existing and not being mine. Who are these people? Will anyone miss them if they disappear?

  2. Nice spaces!


  3. I have the same dream ... :)
    (best dream would be 4 - 5 - 7 )



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