Recipe Review: Biscuits

As many of you may have read, here in Wisconsin we are having quite the political tug-of-war over workers rights. With protests held at the Capitol every day for the last 2 weeks, my town has been sent into a uproar. I have friends who have been down there every day, and even sleeping at the Capitol, but since I have been out of town for most of the last week I wasn't able to show my support. So this past Saturday I wanted to make up for lost time by not only going down to protest but also bringing along little handmade treats to share with those who had been at it for so many days. I made little baggies of homemade popcorn with delicious flavors such as hazelnut, maple, ginger & curry, sesame (who said you can't appreciate gourmet flavors while pretesting?) I also made 3 dozen biscuits, I got my recipe here. And added my own flavor combinations such as jalapeno cheddar, roasted red pepper & feta, and basil Romano. I thought they were a success, and it felt nice to be able to help in the best way I know how, by cooking!
Added bonus, Bradley Whitford spoke at the rally (I'm a big West Wing fan)


  1. yay maia! i think this is such a cool way of showing support. i love it. good for YOU! p.s. also, super delicious-looking biscuits.


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