Reader Request: Laptop Bags

I received a reader request a couple weeks ago for some suggestions for a chic, stylish, but not to corporate-y looking laptop bags. This ended up being harder then I thought, cute laptop bags are hard to come by! Below are some of my favorites that I found, not all of them are specifically made for laptops but with the addition of a neoprene case they should fit the bill. I was kind've hoping I would discover more with quirky prints or color options so if any of you lovely readers have any suggestions or know of a great site to find laptop bags please share in the comments below. (links below image)

1. Tory Burch
2. JADEtribe
3. Kate Spade
4. Filson Briefcase
5. Orla Kiely
6. Felix Bag
7. Rebecca Minkoff
8. Club Monaco


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