Liebsten Blog Award

I'm so honored to receive a Liebsten Blog award from Toks Visoks. This is the 2nd I've received this year which makes me blush just a smidgen. Now I must pick 5 bloggers with less then 100 followers who I would like to pass this award on to. Last time I picked blogs based on their blogspot followers, but this time, to change it up, I'm choosing my favorite blogs that have fewer then 100 followers on bloglovin' So without further ado here's my Liebsten Awardees 1. My Best Friend Jules 2. Pattern Observer 3. Whatever She Wants 4. A Merry Mishap 5. Art Hound All of these blogs bring me endless inspiration and happiness, so thank you!

Image via Art Hound


  1. maiaaa! what a lovely day for an award from a lovely lady. it's a proud day for wsw. :) thank you, dear!

  2. Oh yay! Thank you so much darling :) This totally made my day! :)
    xox mervi

    ps. And CONGRATS to you too!


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