Recipe Review: Tomato Sauce

As I think I've mentioned too many times now, last week we had a nasty blizzard here in Madison WI, the upside of this, was I got to work at home since the roads were so treacherous. So in between designing and answering emails I saw this is a perfect opportunity to try out one of the recipes I've been meaning to for awhile. This tomato sauce recipe has made quite the rounds in the blogosphere, so I was excited to finally try my hand at it. It's super easy and makes a lovely rich sauce, my only issue was I think I let it simmer a little too long because it got quite salty, but I was so proud of the end product and it made the entire apartment smell amazing.
Side note: there is nothing like a blizzard to make you appreciate good neighbors, not only did 1 neighbor snow blow our walkway, our downstairs neighbors brought us homemade cookies, I responded by giving them a jar of my homemade hummus. A snow-day success story!!

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