Hannah's Coaster Post

I recently received a blog request from my dear friend Hannah, who recently got engaged, yay! She also recently bought a new coffee table that she wants to take care of, which is highly responsible, so she asked if I had any cool coaster ideas. Little did she know this would make me spiral into a coaster obsession! I really didn't realize how many cool options there are out there for coasters because I am not responsible enough to take care of my furniture yet. But my search was far from disappointing, below are a couple of my favorites.

1. This beautiful set is a great D.I.Y. project featured over at designsponge a couple of months ago. 

3. You can buy these letterpress coasters over at The Cranky Press as is, or custom design or own, eek! so many options.

5. Another D.I.Y. option, I love this one because you can really change it up by using anything from old photographs to maps.


  1. I love #5, so simple to do, so classy. She has a nice blog too.

  2. Such a wonderful post! I can't even pick a favorite design. Fabulous blog!

  3. These coasters are amazing! I'd love something like these for our home! ... but for some reason we don't use coasters. But if you can get coasters as pretty as these, we definitely should!!!
    xxx mervi


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