Wine Label Envy

Some day I would love to be able to design a wine label, because of the psychology behind why people buy wine, the labels are one the most creative mediums for designers out there. As evidenced by the beautiful and eclectic examples below. (images via The Dieline)


  1. I looove these labels. Especially the first 3. Where can I get these wines? Are they from Wisconsin? I'll need some good wine to get me through our next round of snow: 3 days starting tonight!!!

  2. These are great labels. I especially love the letterpress-style label in the middle.

    Whenever I go to the wine store, it's all I can do to keep from buying wine by the coolness of the label.

    Unfortunately, you can't judge the quality of the wine by the design quality of the label. The best wine I've had has labels that are serviceable, but unremarkable.


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