Snow-a-palooza '11

We're gearing up for quite the blizzard here in Wisconsin and while sometimes the winters here are the bane of my existence you can't deny the beauty of a fresh snowfall. (image via norsk stil)


  1. So true! I love the snow but not what it does to my life! lol I am in Northern Indiana and we are in for it but not as bad as you. Stay safe and warm!

  2. fresh fallen snow is beyond wonderful
    I was commenting to one of my friends the other day "how wonderful it would be to take someone who has never seen snow & put them in the middle of all of this"
    I find it breath taking again & again

  3. oh man. i hear ya, we are about to have our 3rd blizzard here in Boston! It can be SO beautiful and as long as I don't have to drive, I'm okay with it. :) Well, I guess I really have no choice. ha.

  4. I know exactly what you mean. What a beautiful photo. Stay warm!
    Natasha xo


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