Reader Request - Bedding

Over the weekend my mom requested I do a post about bedding that would be good in her bedroom, so this post might not relate to all but if every any of my readers have a personal request feel free to send it along because I love any post suggestions. My mothers bedroom is painted a deep blue green, so she asked for some ideas in the blue/green family, which I provided but I also am including some other options that are more in the neutral territory like greys, browns and whites, because I think if you have a bold color on the wall it's best to stay neutral, but you can still have fun with the print. So mom I hope this helps.


  1. This is great! Thanks. Immediately went to the West Elm website to find these are very reasonably priced and there were 2 more there I also loved. I also like the dark charcoal one from Dwell Studio but a bit pricey.


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