Annie Larson

I'm so excited for this mornings post because I'm featuring the amazing knitwear designer Annie Larson, who surprisingly grew up in the neighboring small town to me in rural Wisconsin, she also knew and played with many of the kids I grew up with so it's weird and kind've unfortunate that we never met as kids. These days Annie is living in Minneapolis and after a 3 year stint designing at Target, is now focusing on her own original designs. What I love about Annies work is how fresh, colorful and unique it is, while at the same time integrating the look and feel of more traditional Scandinavian textiles. She has a lot more images on her site that you can ogle over as well as an online shop, I'm currently eyeing a new winter hat for myself.


  1. Her work is so exciting, and STRIPED. So I asked her to show here in
    Sno-Crush, my all textiles and some wooden bowls show, starts Nov 20

  2. Susan, your having a show at your shop? Give me the details! maybe I'll be able to make it.

  3. So fun! Is this the same Annie that Lisa AJ raised?


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