Cookbook Lusting

I love buying new cookbooks, and surprisingly I don't really use recipes out of them that often. Instead my method is to sit on the couch on a lazy weekend afternoon and pore over them, slowly absorbing the photos and the techniques. Then when I do cook I tend to just go with my gut, making it up as I go, once in a while this approach does not work and I have to either follow a recipe exactly or the dish turns out terrible. But for me I'm more attracted to the creativity of cooking (which is why I'm not a baker, to much math and science) and the visual inspiration, so I'm always excited when I see a new beautiful cookbook and I start imagining my next lazy weekend enjoying a bushel of inspiration. These are some of my current tantalizing obsessions.


  1. I got that book for Bill, Blue Eggs and Yellow Tomatoes, not because we use cookbooks very often but because the cover was so gorgeous I couldn't pass it by. I'm always judging books by their cover.


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