One of the things I love about living in the Bay Area is all of the cool things everyone is working on. I feel like every other day a friend tells me about an amazing project they are starting or working on. It's exciting to continually have so many inspiring people around me. That's how I felt recently when my friend Emily La Fave launched her new venture, Forage. A new spin on meal planning, Forage delivers all the ingredients you need to recreate some of your favorite restaurant dishes from famed restaurants such as Hapa Ramen, Dosa and Alta CA. I've been trying it out for a few weeks and it's been super nice to have a gourmet way to speed up making dinner on those nights when things are hectic.

Jarek Puczel

When I came across the work of Polish painter Jarek Puczel recently I was immediately enamored. Most of his imagery has such a beautiful haunting quality and his deliberate use of negative space is amazing.

Jennifer Young Studio x Good on Paper 2015 Calendar

Two of my favorite ladies, designer Lisa Wong Jackson and photographer Jennifer Young have teamed up to create a stunning calendar just in time for holiday gifting. I'm always in need of a good calendar and this one is so perfect it is sure to keep me inspired all year long. 

Creating a Personalized Notebook Christmas Present with Plumb

This year I'm all about personalized Christmas presents. I think because it's my daughters first Holiday season I want to commemorate it in a special way and personalization is a really great way to do that. So when I received a few of the beautiful notebooks from Plumb it gave me the perfect idea for an easy DIY that will be a super special gift for any parent or grandparent. I used their stack book, which conveniently has a little window cut out on the first page, perfect for this project. But you can easily create a window like this in any good quality notebook. Like I did with the Plumb Spiral Journal. Directions below.

Photos or some other imagery
x-acto knife (or scissors)

1. Print your photos or other imagery.
2. Cut out the photos with the x-acto knife (or scissors).
3. Measure out the window on first page of notebook, based on how large your image is. (give at least a 1/4 inch margin on all sides of image).
4. Cut out window with x-acto knife (or scissors).
5. Measure where the image will go on the 2nd page.
6. Glue image to 2nd page.
7. Ta Da! You have yourself a beautiful, personal and affordable gift.

Thank you to Plumb for sponsoring this post.

Emily Henderson Inspired Editors' Picks

One of my favorite Rue features we do every issue is the editor's picks pages. Mostly because I get to pick all my favorite things based on whatever the theme is that month. For our latest issue our editors' picks were inspired by each of our favorite designers. I chose one of my all time favorites, Emily Henderson. I seriously don't think there is a room or space she has created that I haven't been completely smitten with, so it was a no brainer. You can see the whole feature, and the other editors designer picks at, but I thought I would share a few of my picks here as well. Enjoy!

Rue Magazine 4th Anniversary Issue

These week we had our 4 year anniversary issue at Rue Magazine. I could not be more proud of the team and especially our fearless leader Crystal Palecek for not only creating Rue but for keeping it fresh and inspiring for the last 4 years. I can't wait to see what the next 4 years bring! I wanted to share just a few of my favorites from this issue but I highly recommend heading over to to see the entire issue.

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